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Implementation Plan

1. Development of Interdisciplinary Research on Prevention of Conflicts in Afghanistan

The research project will be implemented in cooperation with the project for Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. The objective of the research is to explore how to establish a mechanism for conflict prevention in Afghanistan with a view to contributing to the mitigation of factors relating to seeds of discord and the peace-building in Afghanistan.

More precisely, the project will review the contents, methods, and outcomes of the assistance to Afghanistan provided by the international community till today and analyze whether the assistance has been carried out in conformity with the social environment including the politics, economy, culture and customs in Afghanistan. It will particularly focus on four areas, namely reconciliation of tribes, DDR (Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration), maintenance of order, and social life.

2. Research and Elaboration on Education Support Project for Reconstruction and Development in Afghanistan

The research project is composed of two pillars: 1) develop the curriculum and governance system of higher education to be best accommodated in Afghan society, and 2) elaborate an institutional framework to receive government officials from Afghanistan as Master/Ph.D. students in Japan.