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The objective of the Center is to make interdisciplinary studies and research on rehabilitation and reconstruction in Afghanistan, particularly from the view of peace and development. In order to meet this objective, the Center plans to carry out the following activities.

  1. Research and studies on peace and development in Afghanistan;
  2. Creating platform for dialogue among different political and ethno-linguistic groups in Afghanistan and its neighbouring countries;
  3. Collection of academic and other information on Afghanistan, as well as dissemination of information not only inside of Japan but to other countries as well;
  4. Organization of research seminars, public lectures, and symposium
  5. Publication of report, journal and others related to peace and development in Afghanistan;
  6. Promotion of academic cooperation between academic institutions both inside/outside of Japan, as well as between academic institutions in Afghanistan;
  7. Design and implementation of various kinds of training program for Afghanistan government officials including university faculties;
  8. Receiving Afghan people (government, CSOs, scholars, etc) through programs executed by the government and international organizations; and
  9. Other activities upon necessity.